Digital Marketing FAQ

You’ve got some marketing and branding questions, well we’ve got some branding and marketing answers.
Can you describe your agency’s core competencies and specialties?
Strategic Thinking and Planning
Brand Management
Do you have experience in my industry?
We have over a decade of working with Industrial Manufacturing and B2B companies. Although all our clients are unique our process for getting results is based on a Strategy First concept.
Who are some of your previous or current clients?
What’s your process for developing a marketing strategy?
Defining Audience
Content Creation
Channel Distribution
Measuring Results
How do you identify and target customer personas?
We follow a ten-step process which includes Defining your products and services, market research, your current customer base, segmentation, analyzing competitors, just to name a few. After following through our process we are confident to have identified this information for you.
What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you focus on?
KPIs are directly aligned with the initial specific goals of the client. The relevance and importance of each KPI can vary significantly depending on what the client aims to achieve with their digital marketing campaign.
Do you offer end-to-end services or specialize in specific areas?
Yes, we require strategy prior to implementation.
What’s your approach to SEO?
Our SEO strategy focuses on targeting relevant keywords, producing high-quality content, and building a user-friendly website. We then analyze and adapt to make improvements until we reach results that we set forth.
How do you structure your pricing?
We have three tiers for marketing plans based on what our clients may need to reach their goals which were created during the strategy process.
Is there a minimum budget requirement?
We are transparent about our pricing, see our pricing page and determine which plan works for you.
How do you track ROI on campaigns?
Our strategy plan dictates that KPIs and Objectives are defined before we begin a campaign. With a set of clear goals we’ll understand what’s necessary to implement and measure. We use Google Analytics and Clarity to track results, as well as SEM Rush and other SEO programs.
How often will I receive reports?
You will receive monthly reports that coincide with the monthly meetings. Clients can also track the status of their project through