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Industrial Marketing Prices

At our core, we are a strategy-first digital marketing and branding agency, firmly believing that a well-defined strategy is the cornerstone of success. To ensure we align perfectly with your business objectives, we require all our partners to engage with our strategic services initially.

Choose between our comprehensive full strategy and our streamlined strategy, each designed to provide a detailed roadmap tailored to your specific goals.

Upon completion, you’ll be equipped with the insights and direction needed to select from our tiered marketing and branding services.

These tiers are crafted to cater to a range of needs, ensuring that the next steps you take are informed, strategic, and precisely aligned with your business’s growth trajectory. Explore our offerings and embark on a journey of transformation and success.”

Industrial & B2B Marketing Pricing

All of the pricing below is on a monthly basis; we strongly recommend a minimum of three months.

Contributor Tier:

$ 3500 .00

*Monthly fee for a period of three months

Our Contributor Program serves as an ideal launchpad for businesses ready to embark on a dedicated marketing journey.

This comprehensive program encompasses critical focal points such as Web & SEO optimization, strategic Content Marketing through Articles, and expertly managed Social Media. Each month, we execute proposed actions meticulously and assess outcomes through regular performance evaluations.

Creator Tier:

$ 6000 .00

*Monthly fee for a period of three months

Elevating from the Contributor Program, the Creator Program delves deeper into the realms of Web/SEO excellence, offering an expanded repertoire of monthly articles, and introducing immersive video production.

In an era where video content steers Industrial engagement, our Creator Program stands as a beacon of heightened brand visibility. Clients benefit from quarterly videos, ensuring a constant spotlight on their distinct identity.

Partner Tier:

$ 9000 .00

*Monthly fee for a period of three months

The apex of our offerings, the Partner Program synergizes the strengths of our lower-tier packages. Bolstered by an advanced e-mail marketing/CRM system and a meticulously curated PPC/Advertising campaign, this tier stands as an all-encompassing digital marketing solution.

Engineered to envelop all facets of digital marketing, the Partner Program acts as either an autonomous marketing powerhouse or a substantial extension of your in-house team.

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