We help manufacturers, B2B, and distribution businesses get noticed and stay remembered by providing tailored brand and marketing solutions needed to connect to their audience.

Is your website struggling to
get the results you really want?

  • Is your website failing to convert visitors into customers?
  • Do you hesitate to showcase your site due to its outdated or unprofessional look?
  • Struggling to find designers who blend visual appeal with conversion-optimized design?
  • Is your current website undermining your credibility as an industry leader?
  • Tired of seeing your website bounce rates skyrocket, as you blend in with the digital crowd?
  • Feel like your website is the roadblock between your business and ultimate success?

You’re not alone, and this is precisely where Thinking Pixel steps in.

It’s time to turn the page..


Create Content That Converts: Help Specifiers Make Informed Choices.


Strategize for Success: Deliver Solutions That Businesses Actually Need.


Be Found, Be Chosen: Optimize Your Online Presence for Industrial Buyers.

We’ll guide you in strengthening and scaling your brand in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

StrategyDiscover and hone your brand’s true potential with strategies that connect deeply with your industrial and B2B audience.
DesignExperience a transformation in brand identity and online presence, crafted to captivate and engage your industrial and B2B clients.
MarketingElevate your market reach and impact with a marketing mix fine-tuned for your industrial and B2B audience’s unique needs and preferences.

HI! I’m Marketing Strategist
Cedric Grady

After a decade of diving deep into digital marketing and website design for Industrial B2B businesses, I’ve cracked the code. It’s not about bombarding your site with bells and whistles. Instead, it’s about honing a brand message that’s as clear as crystal.

So, are you up for a game-changing revelation? Let’s explore straightforward yet powerful digital strategies and a website that speaks volumes about your brand, while keeping things refreshingly simple.

Ready to take your business further? Let’s jump right in and start strategizing your company’s journey toward better results!

Our happy clients say about us

“He’ll bring you into the latest ways of doing marketing, he really wants you to win, he’s a part of our team.”
Saw & Specialty Corporation
“You need a competitive edge when you’re not one of the majors and Thinking Pixel has helped us a lot with that. ”
Premier Container
“ Cedric’s strategy worked like a charm I got a brand and a new landing page that helped me reach exactly the type of customers I needed. He was super easy to work with.”
Adnaloy Fueling